Eris Enterprises is a Colorado-based company delivering advisory services, program evaluations, and data analytics to commercial and public sector clients nationwide. Our service delivery model builds teams of professionals with specialized skills to meet the client ’s objectives for each project. Eris Enterprises has close ties to several universities across the nation and uses that network to build uniquely qualified project teams. We love our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Our clients benefit from having a team personally committed to their project outcomes and goals. Please visit our Contact us Page if you have any questions about us and our services.



Our Services:



Program evaluations:

Eris Enterprises provides program advisory services and works with clients to assess specific operational goals. It is our experience that all organizations, commercial and public sector a like, seek to improve their business to positively affect outcomes. The outcomes for some clients may be to improve the bottom line through optimization of internal and external services. For other clients, they may seek to improve how they serve their clients. This improvement may come in the form of optimizing processes to provide more efficient service, or in
expanding partnerships in the community to improve client relationships and outcomes over a long-term horizon. Eris helps clients identify opportunities, direct and indirect, that improve their key performance indicators, outcome measures, and program goals.

Data Analytics:

Clients that have initiated innovative programs often require an independent evaluator to assess if the program is meeting their specific goals. For public sector clients, those goals are often set at the legislative level. For other clients, commercial and public sector alike, the goals may be internally developed. Eris Enterprises builds teams of experts to conduct thorough evaluations of programs using scientific and industry best practices as our framework. Our team of evaluators all have Master’s and Doctorate degrees and are viewed as experts in their specific fields. The Eris Enterprises team of evaluators are highly skilled practitioners in the analysis of quantitative and qualitative data as measurements against a program’s stated outcomes and objectives. Because of our broad range of expertise, we are able to take program evaluations further than our competitors, and provide practical recommendations for program changes to improve their established goals and objectives.


Advisory services:

Analytic services are the flagship offering of Eris Enterprises. All of our principal consultants are experts in statistics, machine learning, and data presentation. We work with clients to build analytic environments that track and monitor how they are performing against key indicators and goals. Eris Enterprises also works with a client’s existing tools, if preferred. For those organizations seeking to change, we work with clients to determine their needs, and to evaluate the tools best suited to the business requirements. Eris Enterprises does not partner with technology companies to promote single solutions; we are independent in the work and recommendations that we make.