Call Center Data Insights to the Customer Journey

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When a successful company grows, they often do so faster than its data strategy. The result is data silos built by good intentions and immediate problem-solving. Over time, this creates a challenge to understand the business process and measurement of organizational performance.

This was the case with our client. They were a boutique medical clinic that provided high-end orthopedic surgery to professional athletes, Olympians, and the general public. Their call center was the entry point for almost every client. The goal of the call center was to answer every call within 5 seconds and resolve a client’s needs within 1 transfer. These KPIs were measured across three different applications but the relationship of the systems prevented the call center from producing accurate performance metrics.

Eris Enterprise engaged with the clinic to first organize the data into a virtual data layer. To achieve this, we

cleansed data to create a common language

built relationships between systems

built data transformations into analytic models

developed dashboards and reports

created long-term data strategy to improve analytics

To achieve this, Eris Enterprise implemented data staging with SQL Server Integration Server (SSIS). With all data available within a single database, we built Microsoft Power BI data models of the 3 systems. Within Power BI, the Eris Team built well-documented data transformations for data cleansing and transformations. From there, the team began building reports and dashboards to tell the story of the customer’s journey through the lens of the call center.


The call center managers quickly realized value from the engagement through the identification of bottlenecks with specific clinic providers. The data provided insights into the issue. They implemented changes to the process and analyzed the performance improvements to quickly see the outcomes of their work. Through insights, they continue to identify process bottlenecks and use data to measure improvements.

When Eris Enterprise completed the project, the IT team was able to self-manage the project and build upon it. They have started the implementation of a unified data strategy to retain the lineage of data throughout the customer’s journey. This included a path to migrate data transformations from Power BI to SQL Server Analysis Server as the clinic continues to evolve its data strategy.

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