Skills Mentoring

Let a consultant embed into your existing team to implement data projects and transfer their knowledge to your resources for long-term success.

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Learning a new methodology, tool, and technology is like trial by fire. Every step taken builds knowledge. Each step builds on the knowledge before that. In time, a team will achieve the success that the new technology stack promised.

This, however, can be a slow process for teams that have deadlines and a return on investment to meet.  The process is slowed more when the team does not know what they don’t know. What if they could accelerate their skills adoption.

Through our skills mentoring service, your team can learn directly from one of our experts through hands-on learning. We embed directly into your team and fit into your organizational processes. They have work tasks just like everyone else on the team.  But when team members have questions on how to make the technology work, we are there to assist.

Here are some areas that we can help you with.

  • Architecture Planning
  • Database and Schema Planning
  • Access Security
  • ELT and ETL Processes
  • Javascript Procedures
  • Snowpipe Development
  • Integration Objects
  • Performance Tuning
  • Data Sharing 
  • Data Architecture
  • Data Modeling
    • Conceptual
    • Logical
    • Physical
  • Data Ingress Processing
  • ELT/ETL Development
  • Business Vault
  • Data Domains
  • Data Profiling
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